I am a machine that measures the circumstances that surround me and reacts to these circumstances according to the preprogrammed response options available to me as determined by my individual system design. I exist, but I am not [real] in the sense that I have supreme autonomy over any facet of my circumstances. I may have limited mobility in certain situations which present decision-making opportunities, but the possible decision options are absolutely contingent upon my relative circumstances, the inherent considerations of that specific system design which is measuring the surrounding circumstances, and the finite, predisposed, and trained response mechanisms accessible to that system.

If system design is radically altered, measurement is significantly affected to the extent that available response mechanisms will no longer be appropriately matched to the causal circumstances as presented. This is to say that, while to an external observer (control) situational conditions may appear unchanged, if the measuring system is altered while the response configuration remains static relative to any such system alteration, elicited responses will cease to maintain the previously demonstrated correlation to their causal phenomena. Thus, one then finds upon self-diagnostic reflection that although all measurement and response systems appear to be functioning properly, all forms of communication are rendered impotent as a consensus regarding the definition of symbols cannot be established.

Unified Theory

Like any true philosopher, my goal is a unifying theory.

Currently, I have only disparate thoughts. This website is an effort toward assembling them in a place accessible to others.

Generally, I believe the universe is itself the unifying theory. As far as I can tell, the universe, meaning “all that there is,” experiences itself as consciousness, and the two are mutually exclusive. The universe can be universal, or it can be conscious, but not both at the same time. Beyond that, most things seem up for grabs.

There are a number of delightfully interesting threads worth exploring. I’ll add more as I come to them, but here are a few to start:

  • Being* – what does it mean to be, particularly without consciousness
  • Language* – does anything precede it

*an acknowledgement to Dr. Robert Walsh for leading me to these investigations